Monday, June 27, 2005

Love,what have you given to me?

I never thought things will be so difficult when you grow old,you need to get a living you need to get yourself ready for whatever may come to your life as you move along with time..but the most difficult thing to handle that i did'nt know is Love...Love love love...i thought its all about happiness,a good sunshine in the morning or a good view of sunset while your on bayside...unfortunately,its not all that...Love can Hurt,believe me it could also kill someone in an instant. How did i know? because im a victim of Love,its nature its just like that,it will bring you at the peak of your happiness,then conflict comes..nah! Based on my own experience only..not on everyone... Love? why do u have to hurt me? why do you have to lie to me? didnt you? why do you have to put me in a circumstance that i cant hardly bare? why are you so popular? why does everybody talks about you? why are you always there when i am so happy? then you will just leave me all alone when i needed you most? why are you so great? why do people feel you so much? why did u put me in this place? what is your purpose? ... im losing my self...theres a lot of questions in my mind that i want to ask...please,be there when i need you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

someone you cant let go

...sometimes you will meet a person that will make you feel complete..a person that will make u feel you've won a pot of gold..then love comes in the picture. its like having someone who you dreamed of for many years.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Heartaches...sets inside

its been awhile since i felt like my world is falling apart,but someone puts it back into its normal form..someone who loves me so much who cares for me so much,someone who i cannot live without,someone i cant let go and completes me.but eventually,something happened,something i never thought it could happened..i fell in love with someone else..someone who is so much like the one i love,maybe more,i dont know yet...LOVE,what have u brought me? am i being selfish? LOVE do you exist to make people CRY?or to make people realize whats your true meaning?..your killing me..i dont know what to do right now,i just hope that time will come and i will know the answers... i am so tired,sometimes my mind is blank,sometimes thinking about the two..which is which.i dont like hurting someone,coz i feel more hurted..what am i saying?...LOVE,you know whats good for me,whats best for me,help me..your all i got.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

corned beef...wheres the corn?

i just got home...its been awhile since the last time i write here..anyway,i missed is so terrible,i dont know why is this happening to me,for the past few days/weeks i always woke up in the middle of the night,like having a nightmare,but i cant really remember what it is,i dont know if it really a nightmare,i just woke up and nothing,its like someone wake me up..its terrible and at the same time it is so weird..maybe becos i kept thinking on someone and something...confused...bothered...good thing theres a left over corened beef right now hehehehe! my stomach is half full,almost,later i will eat plenty so i can be chubby the way i want! bla bla bla!!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

i feel lighter...

whatta week,i went to batangas to visit my mom and at the same time to celebrate my sister's is so nice to see your mom after a long time of not seeing each other.we had this childrens bible study on the first day,it wasnt so bad to go along with christians..u should try it sometimes if your not that really religious like me..but i do pray at night before i go to sleep (if i remember,forgive me so embarassing) then the following day,its my sis' bday,i ate a lot,that i have to go to the comfort room twice before i go back to manila to do some sis was so happy even there were no other people came, but us,her brothers,then i went back to manila in the afternoon...i went along with my cousins to a fuel product launching,there were lots of celebrities,bands,singer,actors we saw there...bla!bla!bla! we were happy doing henna tattoo and face-painting,then,we went home late at night and the rain really poured very hard,good thing were already inside the cab...then after working i went to pasay again to watch a bikini pageant..actually a pageant for beautiful men and women,its not just for bikini's...and i miss him again...seeing the soft sofa we used to sit on together while cuddling sigh! how i wish you were here.. but i feel much lighter now,cos we had a good chatting tonight...maybe thats all i need to say right now cos i am really sleepy!! TATA!!!