Tuesday, May 31, 2005

something unusual...

yeah theres something unusual and theres something strange happening to me right now...i feel so depressed without any reason...im trying to find what is the cause of this,maybe becos im alone literally,maybe becos my lover is starting to get dry or maybe im just missing him again...i miss him so much.im going nowhere again.AAHHHHH!!! this is too much too bear...i need something or maybe someone to talk to right now,not just somebody,i need a friend who can listen to me... ill be alright,dont worry,i guess this is just another mood swings...SIGH!!!

Monday, May 30, 2005

just got home...

after several days of staying outside....i got back home again and managed to stay in front of the pc..my condition: IM OK! but still missing him...day after day...oh how i really wish he's beside me,always..and im happy to know that he is getting better everyday..thank God! im still not sleepy,i miss chatting and browsing over the net and on my favorite site and yahoogroups..and of course writing here..so have a gud day to you! thank Lord for giving me a great day today! MUAH!

Thursday, May 26, 2005


i woke up 12:30 and i get online to chat with him...he is still sick...its my fault,im the carrier..i just hope he get well soon...Lord hear me now. pls make him well...happy..and contentment,pls give him contentment..i like him i love him! so muc,i hopeits not wrong to love him!!! anyway,weekend is near..work again! have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wow! Its a Good Morning...

It was a very long time ago since i woke up early in the morning and it only happened again today. im so surprised to know that im so active,i've done my chores already,i had a good bath and i get online early and also the weather is not too hot..hmmm...I LOVE this day...and tonight i will go to my friends Graduation Bash..i will get to see my silly friends again from college..i wonder what will going to happen tonight,be silly,drink a lot of liquor,get drunk,laugh a lot and yeah i will eat a lot...but im sure after all these...i will pause again and think about you...i still miss you...i wonder what you are doing right now...i wonder how you feel...i just hope everything is OK..i wish i could get to see you more often...BIG SIGH!!!

Im having an Upset System

whats the date today? who cares? i cant move,i cant think properly,i cant breathe normal...all i know now is that im having an upset system..every system that is...but whenever i think you...it all dissappear.