Sunday, December 18, 2011

its Christmas time AGAIN in the city...

Once again, i could smell the scent of the holiday season, the cool wind brushing thru my hair, the bright flasing christmas lights everywhere, the sound of Christmas music and singing carolers. But thats not all, lets not forget the horrible traffic, the people spending overnight doing Christmas shopping and this is also the season where we get a lot of extra pay from work but we couldnt even keep.

I felt a little sad this season, probably because i was hoping that i could buy my family and friends a few gifts before Christmas, but i couldnt due to lack of budget.
I might be able to do it probably this coming new year.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just when you want to do it...

There are times ijn our life that no matter how hard you try, things will not go as you have planned.

It's really frustrating when you are ready to do something, you are in the mood and very committed, you set all your plans and you have this feeling that it will work out fine when you accomplished it, but suddenly, you are unaware that something bad will happen, and everything you have planned is all fucked up!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hit and Run

A person without friends is similar to a disco without music or Night without the moon and the stars, what i'm saying is that Life is really boring if you dont have any friends.

Night Owl

My body clock is on a different setting, I am now a Night Owl...and how I wish I could sleep on the right time again...zzzzz

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It was nice to meet him...

Most of us really like to see or to be with celebrities and some just dont really care and I guess im in the middle. I will admit it that sometimes I get star strucked when I see a celebrity, especially those who are good looking and really really famous. Anyways, It was a pleasure to have a short time with a very famous Filipino celebrity in a kids party, no need to say his name as you will know him easily when you look at the picture below. ( I got so lucky that I got this pic on their fans club page in facebook)

I went to this birthday party bcause a friend of mine hired me to do face/ body painting and He wanted to have his arm painted, and so I did! and also his girlfriend, but i dont have her picture.

Friday, April 29, 2011

This thing is driving me crazy!

My Dad used to work in a company where they sell car parts and etc., and it is very ironic that we never owned a car! I got used to commute from one place to another, by jeep, bus, train and tricycle...

But since I have a few savings now, I am planning to buy one. NO, not a brand new car, I don't have a budget for that but I am planning to get a cheap used car, I mean really cheap! So I thought of what to buy...and DING! I thought of buying a Vintage Volkswagen Beetle! So I checked on the internet and found some cheap Beetle's, but I was saddened to see that most of it are very rusty and almost falling apart.

Then suddenly after a few clickings I found what I think I really like...a MINIATURE CAR!!! TAARRAAANNN!!!! but what kind of miniature car? so I checked again the internet and searched for some miniature cars...The very popular Mini Cooper is really nice, but their prices are so high, I found a very rare vintage Miniature 1970's Honda Civic but its price is also very high...then after a few more hours of googling I found a very cheap vintage MITSUBISHI MINICA! I was so excited and it made me say OMG!!! but the sad part is that the car is ON HOLD, meaning, the seller is not yet ready to sell it. I took his number and texted him, he told me that he wanted the car to be in a little pristine look before he sells it, without making the price higher which is really great! Now I just have to wait for his go signal when the car is ready...and I just cant really wait!

I will be very very happy if have this MINICA, my only problem is how will I drive it home since I dont know how to drive yet.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Filipino Tradition during Holy Week

During Holy Week in the Philippines, "ALAY LAKAD" or SACRIFICE WALK (if thats the way to translate it in english) is very popular, this is where some Filipino's go to church by walking and some are by foot! I am not sure what is the essence of doing this, but i think its about doing some sacrifice for Jesus Christ to cleans their souls, but as i have said, im not sure.

My first time to this was when i was in high school, so lets not discuss about it cos its a long long time ago. Then last year again but was an epic failure due to people and vehicles that got stucked on the road. But this year we were able to reach the church in Antipolo.

I am just dissapointed that most of the people who do this ALAY LAKAD is not doing it seriously, most of the crowd are like gangsters, clans and frats who just do it just for the sake of fun and experience. Lots of them where in very fashionable outfits, probably they feel like they are walking in the runway like models and there's even a moment where two groups had a fight in the middle of the street,Oh lord baby Jesus!

Anyway, just watch the video.

Who is Cain Marko


I'll take more time...

I think its about time that i start writing again here in my blog before the mid-year comes.

Its almost the end of april, time moves really quick, i mean really really quick like you wont notice its your birthday again. Time loves to surprise us.

Whats new with me, hmmm...well, recently i got a lot of blessings (which means contractual work) and because of that, i was able to share some of it at home and able to buy the (few not-so-expensive) things that i need and some things that i like.

Thank God for the blessing! Hallelujah!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy New Year...(am i too late to say that?)

January 2011 is almost over, still no fucking luck on my job hunting, i even tried joining some contest online for making logo's and shirt designs but still no luck...I dont wanna lose hope...I am sure there is something for me out there that will really suits me.