Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PERSONALITY TEST #1: Are you really happy?

PERSONALITY TEST #1: Are you really happy?

Let's face it: We all want to be happy --- we mean, who doesn't? Whether you're studying to finish a degree, or pursuing your career goals, happiness is and always will be the key to success. To find out how happy you really are, choose the response to each question that's closest to what you feel is the right one. Let's get started:

1. How long do you remain angry with a person?

a. A very long time.

b. I don't get angry.

c. Not that long. <----

d. I just avoid the person from then on.

2. How do you feel about the future?

a. The future looks bright to me.

b. It's okay.

c. I'm working for a better future.

d. Sometimes I feel good; sometimes not. <----

3. What's your reaction if you suddenly become a millionaire?

a. I'd be overjoyed! <----

b. I'd expect problems ahead.

c. I'd be nervous starting a new life with lots of money.

4. Are there times when you need to be alone?

a. Yes, definitely. <----

b. No.

c. I wouldn't say that I need time to be alone.

d. But I don't mind having some time alone.

5. How's your social lifestyle?

a. I have a small circle of friends

b. I know a lot of people.

c. I interact with people who come to see me and I have lots of friends. <----

6. Which would you least likely want for in a friend?

a. Snooty and conceited

b. Harsh to those who can't fight back

c. Rude and impolite <----

7. How many times have you stayed home because of illness in the past six months?

a. None <----

b. One

c. Twice or more times

8. What's your response if something disturbing happened to a loved one?

a. I'd cheer him/her up. <----

b. I'd be hurt too

c. I'd still treat them the way I usually do and let them know I'm sorry.

9. Which of the following statements would you agree?

a. Time flies so fast. <----

b. Time moves slowly

c. Days are long, but weeks and months speed by

d. Days seem fast, weeks and months slow.

10. What kind of job do you want?

a. Challenging and demanding

b. A job that can make use of my talents <----

c. Working with a very powerful, important person

11. How do you sleep?

a. I sleep soundly and have little trouble falling asleep <----

b. I am easily awakened; light sleeper.

c. I have difficulty falling asleep

12. What would you find most appealing in a marriage partner?

a. Attractive looks and physique

b. Wealth

c. Smart and savvy

d. Compatibility

e. Inexhaustible sex drive

f. Understanding <----

13. How significant is it for you to keep your surroundings neat and orderly?

a. Very significant.

b. Significant.

c. Fairly significant. <----

d. Clean? Like do the dishes and sweep the floor?

e. Uhm... Mom?

14. How punctual are you?

a. Very punctual.

b. I'm never on time.

c. Sometimes punctual, sometimes not <----

d. I usually arrive when I'm supposed to.

15. Do you enjoy doing favors?

a. Yes.

b. Yes, especially if it will really help someone. <----

c. No.

Friday, September 09, 2005

another day has ended...another week is almost over...

......and so the boy who wanders still havent reach his destiny..still no workkkkkk aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! damn! fuck fuck fuck!!!! i hate myself i hate myself..i almost killed my dog when im giving him a bath...i kicked my kitty's head becos she makes some noise so much..i am easily irritated!!!!! gggggggrrrrrrrr!!!! i dont wanna be the person i hated most! I DONT WANNA BE A BUM FOR LIFE!!!!!! i summon the forces of nature to bring me a good job and bring back to me the person that i really really love until now!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!