Monday, February 09, 2009

Overnight at my Tita's place

It is exactly 1:30am right now and im still not home because i am staying right now at my Tita's place, its been a while since the last time i stayed overnight here. Oh God I missed the sound of tricycles, jeepneys and trucks passing by coming from balintawak market and also the dusty air softly touching my skin, I missed being with my friends here though they are not all present, i missed my cousin, our Ate Betty the nanny and of course my very lovable Tita.
I'm here right now because we went to a product launch whatsoever party of a famous fastfood chain and they hired us to take pictures of people who will attend the party and have it printed instantly, we worked there from 5pm til 12:30am, its not that really hard though because there are times that we just have to leave the printer to print and then continue working again like after 15mins, the only part that we become so busy is when the programs and all the shits are finished and the crowd is just having fun drinking and dancing and still a lot of them are having their pictures taken and want to have it printed immediately, talking about cam whores, i witnessed a lot in there.
It is a long day for me today and somehow a bit tiring, but i am happy and not complaining about it, its nice seeing people happy because you did something for them and they truly appreciate it, rather than the opposite. Anyway, so that is why i decided to stay here at my Tita's place, because it is late already and i have some valuable things with me and i dont want to lose it, i'll just go home early in the morning when it is safer and easy to travel.

A&F (not Abercrombie and Fitch but Ants & Fishes)

I am really fascinated when i see ants crawling or working, especially these big ants, for me they're like fishes inside the aquaruim, they are very therapeutic, just watching them makes me feel relaxed, actually i wondered what they are saying when they bump into each other, if you will notice, they really pause for a few sec then look at each other then do their thing again...they're probably passing some message, im just not sure what it is, any idea?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

He aint wearing Prada

They say that "The idle mind is the devil's workshop", very true if you let the devil enter your mind. I heard him whisper to me yesterday but i didnt listen, i didnt do what he told careful he might visit you one day...Just ignore him.

Pulubi VS Taong Grasa Part 4

Tampok dito ang isa na naman nating kaibigan sa kalye, dito mapapansin mong hindi na siya namili ng pwesto, ang ating kapatid na taong grasa ngayon ay walang pakialam kung saan siya dapuan ng antok, baliwala lang sa kanya kung mainit man ang sikat ng araw, dedma lang sa kanya ang mga taong dumadaan at ang maiingay na sasakyan basta sa kanya ang makapahinga ng kahit saglit ay isang kayamanan na hindi mapapalitan ng kahit anuman. Ano kayang napapanaginipan niya? Kung ano man yun, sana masaya siya.