Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday, my partner and i went out to have his loving dogs some pampering, pampering meaning dog grooming... here is his dogs namely Chuy-Chuy and Sasha (the little one).




Me and my friends went to Canyon Cove, Nasugbu Batangas and had our selves burnt by the scorching sun, but we had a good time though. We had a very relaxing weekend, we dipped in the pool, went to the beach and play with the sand and small rocks, we also did some photo shoots of our selves...

Here is one of my favorite shot...


I got 52 comments on my march entry...all of it are spam messages and its all in japanese! Wondering what happened.


Sometimes i just couldnt find time to write for my blog. Lots of things happened during the past several weeks. The question is where should i start...lets see.......OK ill start with career, I had a chance to work in a television network for almost 3 months, its just a contractual work though, but i really really enjoyed it!

The show is more of a dating game, most of you have probably heard TAKE ME OUT, well thats the name of the show, we had it here in Manila, it has been on air for 10 weeks, its first season, i dont know if there will be another one. I worked there for the Art Dept. we, which is me and my friend, are the ones who handled the props that is needed for the show. It was fun because i get a chance to see celebrities, lots and lots of celebrities, but i am a bit shy to mingle or take a picture with them, so i just look not stare, just look. The toxic part was that we have to be at the studio at 6am and we are so lucky if the shoot will end at 12mn...honestly, its only toxicating if i lacked of sleep, cos in the studio, we never run out of food and especially my favorite, COFFEE!

I am really thankful to be a part of that show, if you have been reading my past entries, you could tell that i am having a financial problem and that show helped me a LOT! So sad that it has ended soon, but i am still grateful that i never run out of freelance work. Thanks to my friends and my supportive partner! You brought smile to my face! I love you all!


It was a very productive month for me last month, i earned a lot of money and i was managed to spend it wisely, so i bought a cabinet for my toys! Now i dont need to clean them again and again because of dust.

TOYCON June 19.

It is one of the much awaited event of the year for me. As a toy collector, i dont want to be left behind from the was different this year, was better than the last few, why? because i went there with my partner who also like toys, im the one to blame that he start this kind of hobby.

How i wish i have a limitless budget when it comes to buying toys, but somehow i managed to buy a few.

my partner bought me this as a, actually its a price for not laughing for 10 seconds while he is tickling my belly inside the cab...

and i got this Thing...