Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hit and Run

A person without friends is similar to a disco without music or Night without the moon and the stars, what i'm saying is that Life is really boring if you dont have any friends.

Night Owl

My body clock is on a different setting, I am now a Night Owl...and how I wish I could sleep on the right time again...zzzzz

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It was nice to meet him...

Most of us really like to see or to be with celebrities and some just dont really care and I guess im in the middle. I will admit it that sometimes I get star strucked when I see a celebrity, especially those who are good looking and really really famous. Anyways, It was a pleasure to have a short time with a very famous Filipino celebrity in a kids party, no need to say his name as you will know him easily when you look at the picture below. ( I got so lucky that I got this pic on their fans club page in facebook)

I went to this birthday party bcause a friend of mine hired me to do face/ body painting and He wanted to have his arm painted, and so I did! and also his girlfriend, but i dont have her picture.